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Get The Most Out of Your Ford With One of Our Ford Protect Plans

Get The Most Out of Your Ford With One of Our Ford Protect Plans

They say peace of mind is priceless, but Ford begs to differ, as its comprehensive Ford Protect plans will put Ford owners at ease by adding longevity to their vehicles without doing a number on their wallets. If you're partial to Ford vehicles and based in Fredericton, NB or any of the neighbouring communities of Oromocto, Hampton, Saint John, Moncton, Woodstock, and Sussex, our lauded sales team at Riverview Ford will be happy to brief you on our new inventory and ensure your new purchase is properly covered with a comprehensive Ford Protect plan. All you have to do is contact us.

Spare Your Vehicle and Your Bank Account Any Unexpected Costs Thanks to Ford Protect Maintenance & Service Plans

To put it simply, accidents happen and all New Vehicle warranties eventually come to an end, but that doesn't mean Ford owners can't keep their vehicles and savings protected from any unforeseen damages and related repairs. A Ford Protect plan will see to that after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired, providing service and emergency assistance when you need it most and regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your Ford in peak form and your head clear when you're at the wheel.

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The good folks at Ford aim to provide their clientele with the comfort of knowing help is always near to get them out of a jam, and nowhere is that more evident than in its Ford Protect Extended Service packages. For one thing, this Ford Protect plan is wholeheartedly backed by the Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited, meaning all Canadian Ford owners can enjoy its benefits at every authorised Ford and Lincoln dealership across Canada and the United States.

No matter which of the six available Ford Protect Extended Service packages you choose, any necessary repairs will be carried out by Ford-trained mechanics using Ford-approved car parts. This Ford Protect plan also includes rental car coverage while your vehicle is being tended to by a Riverview Ford technician and 24/7 Roadside Assistance for jams that require immediate attention. Feel free to contact our dealership in Fredericton for further details on any and all Ford Protect Extended Service Packages.

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If you aim to keep your Ford for the proverbial long haul, then a Ford Protect Maintenance Protection Plan remains the soundest of acquisitions. This Ford Protect package won't just keep your vehicle in working condition, it'll keep it running at its peak and help prevent any on-road snafus thanks to regularly scheduled maintenance at our Riverview dealership.

There's good news for all Canadian Ford owners, as this Maintenance Protection plan doesn't just apply to our new Ford inventory. Thanks to Ford's Limited Maintenance Plan, pre-owned vehicles are covered for all regular maintenance, from multi-point inspections to tire rotation to engine oil and filter changes.

Why the Ford Protect Maintenance Plan Makes Sense For Every Ford Owner

While covered, regularly performed maintenance remains a valuable addition to any Ford purchase, it's far from the only perk in the Ford Protect Maintenance Plan. As previously mentioned, given the Ford Motor Company of Canada's complete backing of the package, Ford owners can get their vehicles tended to at any certified Ford or Lincoln dealership on either side of the border, ideal for those in the habit of taking long drives. Not only is all regular maintenance performed by Ford-trained technicians, all repairs are done using parts approved by Ford to maintain compatibility throughout your ownership.

Many finance and/or lease contracts include the Ford Protect Maintenance Plan, which can boost the resale value of your Ford should you decide to sell it, as the coverage plan is transferable to a new owner within 90 days of purchase. The Limited Maintenance Plan is not transferable for pre-owned vehicles.

For more information on any Ford Protect coverage plans pertaining to our new or pre-owned inventory, contact Riverview Ford or pay us a visit and one of our reliable sales team will gladly assist you.

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