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Genuine Ford Parts in Fredericton, New Brunswick

At Riverview Ford, we strive to support our customer's automotive needs every step of the way, and when it comes time to maintain your Ford, we have you covered with our Parts Centre, which stocks only genuine OEM Ford replacement parts. Contact us to get more details about a specific part availability or inquire about getting your vehicle a check-up if it's having an issue.

Available Ford Parts


To get the best quality brakes for your Ford, make sure to buy Ford Motorcraft brake pads and shoes, offering a direct replacement with perfect fitment.


When it comes time to replace your tires, please take advantage of our experts' knowledge to have them match you with the tire type that best fits your model and your specific driving habits, as well as the local environment that you drive in. You will find lots of name-brand tires available, and if you find a lower price from a competitor, we can match it with our 30-day match program.


The most important components to keep your vehicle operating at its peak are filters. To maintain your vehicle's excellent performance, make sure only to use Motorcraft filters since they are engineered to fit your Ford and support its performance. Aftermarket replacement filters can seem like a good deal but could leak, crack or rupture if they are not of good quality.


Motorcraft batteries are the direct replacement to your original, giving you the confidence you had during your first winter startup with your brand new Ford. There are many factors to choosing the correct battery, such as size, fitment, cold-cranking amps, and much more. Our associates can provide you with the battery that fits your model.

Wiper Blades

Precise fitment is important for wiper blades since it provides the best visibility and wiping contact. Motorcraft wiper blades are made for your Ford, giving you perfect fitment every time.

Suspension Parts

When suspension parts need replacement, you will want to choose the original Motorcraft parts to replace the old ones to keep your Ford handling like new. Also, OEM replacement parts give you predictable replacement intervals to plan for the future better.