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Benefits of Switching to Winter Tires Early

Benefits of Switching to Winter Tires Early

Waiting until the last minute to switch to winter tires isn't recommended. To keep your car in tip-top shape and increase road safety, you should get your winter tires installed before the first snowfall to counter the uncertainties that come with winter. At Riverview Ford, our full-service department will prepare you for winter by installing winter tires and performing any other necessary vehicle service to ensure you are ready for winter. Read on to learn more about the benefits of switching to winter tires early.

Take Advantage of a Greater Choice

Typically, most drivers in Fredericton, New Brunswick, assume that there is a fewer tire selection before winter. However, the inventory level is equally extensive before winter, offering you a better choice with the low demand during this period. So, if your vehicle needs winter tires, consider getting them in the early fall to exploit the excellent selection.

While there is a diverse selection during winter, you can't guarantee to get the best fit for your vehicle or your driving needs and style. Therefore, you may end up settling on what is left in the market, minimizing the significance of your winter tire choice. Moreover, getting your winter tires earlier is even more vital if you own a luxury automobile. Such cars feature rare winter tire dimensions, which may be challenging to find with the limited quantities available when demand increases. When you shop for winter tires early, choosing the options that best suit your vehicle is much easier.

Beat the Eleventh Hour Rush

Although you can schedule a service appointment in a few clicks, you will undoubtedly have problems finding a service centre that's not fully booked when the seasonal tire-changing frenzy comes. You will often find yourself on an extended waiting list or even pay more, which is inconvenient. To guarantee you get a tire switch appointment that fits your schedule, you should consider booking early.

Avoid Adverse Surprises

Mother nature is unpredictable, with the seasons' schedule changing frequently. Snow can delay until late January, but it can also throw a harsh surprise in October. However, you don't have to cancel your plans due to bad weather. With the uncertain weather pattern, it is imperative to switch to winter tires early to avoid being taken by surprise.

Winter tires remedy the downside of all-season tires hardening during temperatures below seven degrees Celsius. They are optimized for snow conditions, with a rubber gum formulation that remains soft in sub-zero temperatures, enhancing traction and reducing the braking distance by up to 37%. Therefore, your ride performance isn't affected even as temperatures drop.

Nevertheless, most car owners usually avoid switching to winter tires in the fall to prevent premature wear and tear. This delay only means more wear to your regular all-season tires, which evens out the saving motive. Overall, it is ideal to change to winter tires earlier to maintain performance expectations as temperatures dip in winter.

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