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Here at Riverview Ford dealership, we have several years of experience and expertise in the region. That's why we are considered as the preferred Ford dealership in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and serving Oromocto, Hampton, Saint John, Moncton, Woodstock, Sussex, and surrounding areas.

We understand the struggles that most people undergo when it comes to deciding which car model to purchase. That's why we have a dedicated team of technicians and customer representatives to address all our client's needs. Visit our showroom to have a look at the new inventory in stock. We sell the latest Ford vehicles at affordable prices. In case you want to finance your car, submit an online application right now, and wait for approval within a short period.

Why customers Prefer Riverview Ford

One of the main reasons clients keep coming back to us is the high-quality services we provide. We have several highly-skilled and qualified technicians that provide exceptional car maintenance services in Fredericton and the neighbouring communities. Proper car maintenance is critical for its normal functioning. That's why we encourage our customers to regularly have their cars inspected and repaired in case of any issues. Our customer representatives are always on standby to address any problems you might have with your vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance

Other than selling new and used Ford cars, our dealership offers fantastic service to all our customers. Benefits included our parts center that sells only original Ford parts. We encourage our customers always to purchase original parts when coming for routine maintenance and service.

Fluid Check

A great way to keep your vehicle's various systems functioning as intended is by ensuring that its systems have adequate fluid levels. It would be best never to let any system run low on fluid since that can cause major issues. Topping off any low fluid is a must, but never use anything other than the recommended fluid for each system.


Your vehicle will require regular tune-ups to maintain its optimal performance and fuel efficiency, which entails getting new engine filters, oil changes, spark plugs, and a few other things. You will want to follow the recommended interval for a tune-up, allowing you to avoid having an engine running poorly.

Tire Rotation

The best way to save money and maximize the lifespan of your tires is by getting regular tire rotations. Doing so allows all four tires of your set to wear evenly, giving you more predictable handling, and it's always a good idea to replace tires in a set altogether.

Oil change

It is essential to ensure that you change your oil regularly to prevent your engine from damage. Our technicians will help you with this service at a reasonable cost.

Tire change & brakes

We also do tire alignment and tire change. Sometimes many people stay long before changing their tires. It is good to change your tires according to seasons or before they wear out.


Our technicians will carry out a diagnostic test to determine if your vehicle has any issues with the exhaust transmission, engine, oil tank, throttle ignition coils, and many more.

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These are among the services that you will find at our dealership. Schedule a service appointment and get value for your money. Contact us for more details. Check out our parts center today and schedule a service appointment. Our team will ensure that your car comes back adequately inspected and repaired before you leave.

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