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Winter Tire Safety: Tips & Maintenance For Fredericton, NB

car driving with winter tires through snow

Winter Tire Safety Tips For Fredericton, NB

With winter soon to arrive, we at Riverview Ford have taken the opportunity to provide consumers in the Fredericton, NB area with a few winter tire-related tips that will help them brave our toughest season with minimal hassle. Find out how you can make it through the coming winter with a clear head below and visit us online for details on why you should service with us when your car is due for some TLC.

Your winter preparation begins with installing a set of snow tires. A pictograph of a peaked mountain with a snowflake typically marks any of set of snow tires that meet regulated traction and performance requirements. Installing a set of winter rubber that meets snow-tire requirements is the first step to prepping your car for severe snow conditions, and we suggest you check the tread on your tires regularly as the season progresses, as traction reduces with tire use and wear. Another thing to look out for is your snow tires' pressure, as extreme weather and severe snow conditions will often cause a drop in pressure, which compromises your tires' tread life, your vehicle's fuel economy, and your safety at the wheel. Remember to keep tabs on your tire pressure once a month, ideally when the rubber is still cold. Lastly, if ever you suffer a tire-related setback while on the road, we recommend keeping a tire repair kit and air pump handy so that you can patch up your ailing tire until you reach the next gas station or our Service Centre.

If you need any help installing or tending to your snow tires over the course of the winter, our parts and service departments are here to lend you a hand. The staff at our Parts Centre can help you determine the right set of snow tires for your vehicle, and our Service Centre's factory-trained technicians will be happy to install and rotate them. If you'd like more winter tire safety tips or if you're looking to book an appointment to winterize your vehicle, contact us at Riverview Ford, and we'll be thrilled to oblige.

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