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Importance Of Tire Rotation

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Importance Of Tire Rotation

At Riverview Ford in Fredericton, New Brunswick, we serve our local community and the surrounding areas with helpful services and guides, providing them with everything needed to keep their vehicles looking and running like new. A part of winter tire safety is keeping up with tire rotations since the winter months bring slippery conditions that could cause excessive wear on your tires. Visit us today and let us assist you in enjoying the most seamless and effortless vehicle ownership experience.

Tire Rotation Explained & Benefits

A tire rotation is when you switch the position of your vehicle's tires around to allow even wear across your tire set. There are various methods for switching tires around during a tire rotation, and which method to use depends on your vehicle's drivetrain, tire type, and recommended size. However, keeping up with regular tire rotations will bring your vehicle ownership experience loads of benefits, including maximum tire lifespan, enhanced traction, and better overall handling. You will also save money when you can wear out a tire set completely and then replace it with a complete set, giving you more savings in the long run.


Why is a tire rotation important?

Tire rotation is important because it lets your tires wear out evenly since they will have a chance to operate in various positions on your vehicle that cause different amounts of wear. Also, a professional will have the chance to examine your tire's tread for damage or premature wear, which could indicate suspension issues.

How to rotate your tires?

Depending on your vehicle's drivetrain, recommended tire size, and type of tire, you will need to use one of the multiple methods of swapping tires around your vehicle's axles.

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Be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment for a tire rotation, giving your vehicle the best performance while saving you money in the long road since you won't have to replace your tire set prematurely. You should service your vehicle with us for various reasons, so don't hesitate to stop by our dealership to learn more about our helpful automotive services.

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