Value Your Trade-in

Do You Need a Trade-In Estimate?

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If you are thinking about upgrading your car, you may also be thinking about trading in your current one. The amount you receive from the dealer for your old vehicle towards your new purchase is called the trade-in value. Trading in your car to the dealer instead of just selling it beforehand can have some advantages, such as opening up better negotiations for financing rates.

If you are wondering what your current car is worth, it is easy enough to figure out. Start by looking on our website under Instant Trade-in value. You will want to factor in the Kilometres on the car with its age and vehicle condition. Your car is worth more when it looks the best, has all the maintenance records with it, and has the least amount of kilometres.

Additionally, to get the best value for your car, dealers recommend that you trade it in before it reaches 100,000 kilometres. You also want to trade in during late winter because dealers get rid of the left-over models and make room for the new incoming models.

Now, even if your car is in the best condition, the dealer will still determine what they want to give you for it. A significant factor is there is always a chance that the dealer won't even want your car if they don't think they can sell it.

So, now you don't know whether to sell or trade-in your car? The only way to decide is to weigh each side's options and go with a decision that meets your needs the best. Remember, if you sell, an extended period may go by with no one making an offer. You may also not get what it is worth, and don't forget there is also the work involved after the sale of transfer of ownership and securing the payment.

If you think that a trade-in may be right for you, we invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our team members to discuss a trade-in estimate. We are always happy to help, so please contact us anytime.